Fundamentals in R Certification Program

We offer certification program in ‘Fundamentals of R Programming’. This is a guided self study program designed to make participant ready for advanced R programming in business and research. The program is designed based on our extensive experience in statistical programming and advanced analytics. Our experience include 100+ programs including corporate programs to reputed organisations such as Reliance General Insurance, Bajaj General Insurance, Idea Cellular, Sandoz and many more.

We believe, the best method to learn R is to work on small activities involving data manipulation and analysis. We will provide a set of 15 such activities to the participant. The examination will consist of 10 activities of 10 marks each with qualification cut off 60 marks out of 100 marks.


Program Content

Module I: Get Started With R
  • Create a vector/data in R
  • Import csv and txt file
  • Use of functions dim, names, head, tail, levels
  • Operators
  • Numeric, string and date functions
  • FOR loop, if conditions
Module II: Data Manipulation
  • Sorting of data
  • Merging of data sets
  • Creating sub sets
  • Deriving new variables
  • Binning a continuous variable
  • Random Sampling
Module III: Basic Statistics
  • Function: length, mean, sd, minium, maximum
  • Summary function
  • Aggregate function
  • ddply function in plyr
  • Using data.table to summarise data
  • table and CrossTable
  • Correlation analysis
  • Scatter plot, bar chart, pie chart and box plot