Lockdown Data science competition : Winner announcement and New Competition alert
Posted on 04 May 2020

Hi all, 
We are glad to announce our Lockdown Data Science Competition Series 2 winners "Soham Shevade & Neha Chaturvedi".
Congratulations Soham Shevade & Neha Chaturvedi !!!
We have uploaded the solution on our website on Analytics labs.
We have provided both R & Python solution, so go have a look at it.

Also The last and final Competition of the Lockdown Series is here. 
We know many of you'll have taken part in both  Lockdown Series 1 and 2 but don't just give up yet . Stop procrastinating  and give your coding skills and luck one more try.
So what are you waiting for , check out our Final competition Series and do submit.