Sparta Science partners with NFL to predict and prevent sports injuries using machine learning data
Posted on 03 March 2020

Sparta Science is a California-based artificial intelligence start-up focused on reducing injuries and optimizing  performance with validated scientific assessments and evidence-based prescriptions. Sparta equipment and software to test a player’s movement, which assists in identifying areas of muscle overload. But most importantly, the data also has the capability of predicting future injury risks.
Sparta’s technology is used worldwide by elite and conventional military forces, professional, collegiate, high school and youth sports organizations, strength training professionals, and medical providers. Just last week, the company announced it a new partnership with the National Football League (NFL) to help the league collect data on where a player is likely to be injured during play.
Sparta is using artificial intelligence to help NFL teams with a completely different problem: preventing player injuries. According to research from, a website that tracks and analyzes sports data, players in the NFL have a 4.1 percent chance of being injured during a game.Injury rates are consistent across positions, for the most part, with the exception of running backs. They face a higher injury rate than others. Altogether, a player can expect to hit the field 14.2 out of the 16 games each season.
Founded in 2016 by Phil Wagner, Sparta optimizes health and performance for athletes, war fighters, fitness clients and patients with evidence-based movement scans and data-driven exercise prescriptions that increase resilience, minimize injury risk, and speed efficient rehabilitation to physical activity.