Hike launches personalized avatar HikeMoji
Posted on 20 February 2020

Instant messaging app Hike launched HikeMoji for all users on Wednesday, 19th February. According to the company, the machine learning (ML) on the platform has also scaled from combing 100 trillion combinations in beta to 100 quintillion combinations in V1 that has been rolled out on Wednesday, 19th February.
It was launched in beta in November 2019 and as many as 1 million HikeMojis were created in beta version. Since it is inspired by the diversity of India, this makes HikeMoji the largest platform for hyper local avatar creation as well.
It is pertinent to note that HikeMoji users can now play around with over 1,200 components, including hairstyles, skin shades, accessories, facial features, and expressions, thus, giving them a chance to enjoy an avatar that not only reflects their personality but also their mood.