Oracle launches new Cloud Infrastructure Service
Posted on 13 February 2020

Oracle on Wednesday announced the launch of the new Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Data Science Service, a native service on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) that's designed to let teams of data scientists collaborate on the development, deployment and maintenance of machine learning models.
As Oracle grows the footprint of its "second generation" cloud, the new service aims to leapfrog the services other public cloud vendors offer for data scientists -- and the problems that come with typical data scientist workflows.
The new service offers four components – 
1.  Collaborative space for data exploration, machine learning experimentation and model training. 
2.  Access to underlying cloud resources, as well as productivity tools like advanced visualization capabilities.
3.  Model catalog through which a data scientist can make models available to other users, including other data scientists, business analysts or application developers.
4.  Users can monitor a model's effectiveness and update the model without disrupting the application or the consumers of the model.