Know how data analytics has changed the way you’re watching the world cup
Posted on 10 July 2019

As Analytics Stands

As we march forward, our country, post witnessing an entertaining yet competitive IPL season, is eagerly waiting for our country to lift the trophy for the third time in ICC World Cup 2019.

Player specific details: As per the International Cricket Council statistics, we have 105 registered member countries as of now, who play this sport in a competitive manner. Imagine the layer of data generated when these respective countries play regional matches among the different states and among each other country. It needs a comprehensive and robust structure to accurately and consistently update the database.
Venue-specific details: We see captains strategising on their playing combination for games depending on the venue. If the conditions are overcast, they go with seam and pace whereas in sub-continental wickets spin seems an obvious choice. 

During the Match

A couple of years ago most of the critical and important decisions on the field were taken by the umpire. However, considering the pressure situation and vulnerability of the individual to commit an error, advancement in technologies have helped to balance the game and eliminate random errors during the game. 

Post-Match Situations

Based on the performance of each and every player as well as oppositions, the coaches tabulate all minute details during the match.